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 My mom and dad & their folding bicycles


D&D. So we just finished a campaign where we had to battle a giant snake goddess. While we getting totally destroyed Michele drank a mystery potion, turned into a gas, floated into the snake goddess’s nose & down to her lungs, and then cast a low-level “summon mount” spell. What happened next is depicted here.


Buy a 4-color editioned screenprint of this piece at Little House Comics


Comic for Cicada Magazine, March/April 2013! It’s called Forest Fanclub in “The Gang Meets a Real Bird!” Check out these characters on the cover also


So we started playing D&D (2nd Edition, if you're curious.) My character is a human ranger who's 7'6" tall and hates orcs. What more do you need to know? Also featured are the 8 goblins our party killed last Thursday (D&D night).