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Another GR2 Post-It Show (#7). A series of young white drunk people; I guess I wanted to draw a lot of simple, extreme emotions.


Drew put a bunch of my original art on the Little House site. If you order anything in the next couple days it ought to show up before Christmas!


I did the cover for this book of short stories (the AD was the extremely nice Christopher Moisan, coming out Summer 2012), and working on the thumbnails was a lot of fun. I was dicking around with drawing digitally for the first time, which is exciting once you stop trying to imitate brush or pen. These are some of the also-rans; the final piece is here.


Drew, David Mack, Michele Chidester, Jason Matherly and myself have a puppetry troupe called Creaky Theater Company. This Halloween we took part in Athens' Wild Rumpus Parade as a giant 5 person dragon. We all built it together; David was the head and the rest of us were its giant wormy body. Its eyes light up and it has pretty good roaring action. It was really fun.


My new black metal band.
First Second's Nursery Rhyme Comics, 50 Timeless Rhymes from 50 Celebrated Cartoonist (edited by the unstoppable Chris Duffy) came out yesterday, with comics by me and Drew and a whole bunch of other fine cartoonists. You should check it out, it's fun.

I finished this comic nearly a year ago, according to these sketches - there's a drawing of my '10 Halloween costume in there. The queen's figure was inspired by John Stanley's interesting way of drawing motherly ladies.
Here is the full comic!


I've been doing more sketching on the computer, lately, with various results. I'm sure not getting any prizes with this batch but they were fun enough to do.


Here is a sketch of a band we saw called Hail Seizures. I liked them a lot.

Also I bought Drew a bartender's guide for his birthday for fifty cents at a thrift store. It had a very boring cover so I made it a new one.

Here is the old cover:


GR2 is having a benefit show tomorrow (Saturday!) and I have some little pieces in it. The theme of the show is robots. This was difficult for me: there are a lot of things I'm not good at drawing (folds, muscles, dogs) but drawing robots I'm actually kind of phobic about. I thought this might be a chance to work through my phobia by proving to myself that I really can draw robots.

But guess what! I actually really, really can't.

Finally, I gave up and drew people with tubes and wires sort of coming out of their necks. Whew! Crises averted!

You should check out the show if you can; I sure do like GR2.