This is my sketch blog.
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Practicing watercolor. I've been practicing watercolor for five years now; I hope I eventually figure out what I'm doing.



My mom and I are working on a comic together. It's a YA adventure graphic novel set in 7th century Uzbekistan. It is going to be really, really good.


Here are some pages from a short comic I thumbnailed out a few years ago, and just recently realized I would never finish. I was an exchange student in Japan in highschool, and I was on the school's kayak team - this story is from the point of view of one of my male teammates, and it's a male exchange student instead of me. It was a fun idea - partially because I was close with my girl teammates, whereas my male teammates were complete enigmas - but without a good enough story behind it. I still like the pictures of rowing. I can still remember the weight of the water on my paddle.


My friend Jeff Tobias is part of a band called Pegasuses-XL, and their latest album Psychic Entourage is out today and available on iTunes. You may recognize the album art - it's an image of mine. The thing is about this album: it is extremely good. I love it and have listened to it a hundred times and feel a pang that my art doesn't do it justice. It's big, and hard, and sad, and thrilling, and excellent. Plus it rocks out. Check it.

(Here are two preview MP3s: Basement Beat - Sea Mountain Island)