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The above doodles are brainstorming for this series - Es vs Ich, posted at doing fine. Self-indulgent fun with tits, vag, and tiny uptight Victorians; tautly stretching metaphors over my elusive inner imagery. The series is for the GR2 Post-It Show 6, so all the drawings are on 3x3 post-its.



Didn't mean this to come out so much like a beer label; I had imagined it being on a flimsy cardboard box.


For Halloween I was a lamprey. Mostly foam, cut-up t-shirts and underwear, hotglue, and acrylic.

A Pacific Lamprey.

I was introduced to lampreys as a little kid by this picture in Larry Gonick's excellent Cartoon History of The Universe Vol. 1. I was fascinated, in that horrible way kids can get fascinated. So the costume was kind of cathartic.




Lisa Frankin' it. I started this comic after reading Forming by Jesse Moynihan and a) wanting to do a comic in color and b) wanting to do a comic that's serious, but also really funny. This comic will not, I think, wind up being funny; it might not end up existing at all.

Sketch of (my friend and extremely good artist) Michele Chidester.


I draw people laughing and crying a lot, and once tried to turn that into a final piece - it looks interesting, and was good gouache practice, but otherwise didn't really work. It's big, too.

I did the poster for this years Thought Bubble Comics Festival in Leeds!


All these have themes that show up again here and here and elsewhere - the New Earthly Garden series. The above image is some life drawing combined with plant drawing practice using Sibley's Guide to Trees.

Trying to draw more comics to take the fear out. Miriam Ivanoff's Comic a Day project was an inspiration for these, but I'm a lot lazier than she is.

Animals drawn at Bear Hollow.