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So we started playing D&D (2nd Edition, if you're curious.) My character is a human ranger who's 7'6" tall and hates orcs. What more do you need to know? Also featured are the 8 goblins our party killed last Thursday (D&D night).


I made so many post-its this years' Post-It show at GR2 that I made a mini out of them. It's called 31 Drawings That Have Something To Do With Being In Love And Not Being In Love. It has some of the better drawings I've ever done, I think. It would make a nice sort of weirdly romantic present for someone for the holidays. It refutes isolation.


I just reconnected with a bunch of my friends from my year in Japan on facebook so I've been drawing a little about my time there. All these girls are my fellow first-years in the racing kayak team; they are some of the coolest people I've ever known.


We went to the Renaissance Festival awhile ago, and my favorite part was this nun comedy duo called Hey Nunnie Nunnie. They were the best.

 Women as consumables.


Two of the most interesting and vibrant cartoonists working today are Lisa Hanawalt and Jillian Tamaki. I was very excited to do a talk with both of them at the Society of Illustrators in February; if you missed it you can now check out this video of the event. Lisa and Jillian are both very inspiring - examples of their early work are especially fun to see. I am personally pleased that I didn't throw up. I was really, really nervous.


I did these illustrations of Tiny Farm our friends Maggie and Lacey, the Tiny Farmers, a few years back. This season they are both going to other far-away farms to intern. I made these drawings into plant tags and tincture labels, respectively, as going-away presents.


I went to New York in February and drew a lot there. Here are some sketches: including a drawing of Lisette Model, a photographer with the Photo League. I learned about her at the The Radical Camera exhibit at The Jewish Museum - in this photo Model is in the middle of a crowded jazz club with a monstrous camera and a huge bag of flash bulbs.