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My dad gave me an amp and a record player for my birthday. He built the amp himself; it's kind of shaped like half a giant egg, and it lights up green. So Drew and I have been getting out all our old records and feeling great. I had torrid and emotional relationships with several record players in college, which were all of the giant cabinet variety and broke constantly. I drew the dancing people while listening to Harry Belafonte.


I did this piece last Spring for the anthology Studygroup 12 #4, and I'm pretty proud of it. I've been interested in plants, and parasites, and our ability to remain human. Lots of things went into this one: the cordyceps fungus, Yggdrasil and its wyrm, oak galls, housing developments, and Bosch's Garden of Earthly delights, with its strange red-blue circular pool and glass bubbles the tiny people play in.