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I've been doing more sketching on the computer, lately, with various results. I'm sure not getting any prizes with this batch but they were fun enough to do.


Here is a sketch of a band we saw called Hail Seizures. I liked them a lot.

Also I bought Drew a bartender's guide for his birthday for fifty cents at a thrift store. It had a very boring cover so I made it a new one.

Here is the old cover:


GR2 is having a benefit show tomorrow (Saturday!) and I have some little pieces in it. The theme of the show is robots. This was difficult for me: there are a lot of things I'm not good at drawing (folds, muscles, dogs) but drawing robots I'm actually kind of phobic about. I thought this might be a chance to work through my phobia by proving to myself that I really can draw robots.

But guess what! I actually really, really can't.

Finally, I gave up and drew people with tubes and wires sort of coming out of their necks. Whew! Crises averted!

You should check out the show if you can; I sure do like GR2.


The latest, and last, issue of MOME just came out this week, issue 22. What a run it was - it's an anthology which I'm very proud to have been a small part of. This issue is particularly good. I tried listing all my favorite artists in it but the list got way too long. You guys know who you are. Thanks X1000 to Eric Reynolds; it was so fun.

It being the last issue made me finally get it together enough to finish something - the first proper comic I've finished in years (!). My story, Nita Goes Home, is 14 pages and in full color; you can see four preview pages here.

Here are some sketches - I spent an inordinate amount of time designing the logo for a only briefly mentioned taco stand, you'll notice. This story was intended to be kind of satirical (the main character Nita is basically a sillier version of me) but absolutely no one who's read it thinks it's funny, at all. Read it to find out just how not funny it is!