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For Halloween I was a lamprey. Mostly foam, cut-up t-shirts and underwear, hotglue, and acrylic.

A Pacific Lamprey.

I was introduced to lampreys as a little kid by this picture in Larry Gonick's excellent Cartoon History of The Universe Vol. 1. I was fascinated, in that horrible way kids can get fascinated. So the costume was kind of cathartic.


  1. Wow, that's horrifyingly awesome! Nice work!

  2. I, too, have been terrified and fascinated by these creepy creatures since I was little. These creepsters have been so ingrained in my psyche, I knew the moment I clicked on your blog what your costume was. It's so perfect! I didn't even need a caption. Excellent work!

  3. So cool. Reminds me of something artist Nick Cave made...

  4. That Nick Cave costume is beautiful! He is amazing. For my Lamprey I was thinking a little of this Bruegel picture of beekeepers ... . I wonder if Cave might have been too?

  5. its parasitic lampreys and hagfish, not the other way around