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I was going through photos from a few years ago and found these of The Frog and the Grasshopper, a shadow-puppet play by The Creaky Theater Company - that's my friends David Mack, Michele Chidester, Jason Matherly, and me; plus a bunch of folks who played lovely music. We all made the puppets together (mine is the grasshopper), and built the shadow-screen from scratch. When it was all lit up and the characters were leaping around it looked incredible - like it was magic.


  1. What's the protocol here, Eleanor?

    I think every one of your images is great: I want to comment each time I see one! I notice though that that's not really DONE.

    Your shadow puppet theater is as inspiring as your Halloween costumes! Any chance you'll post a video of your next performance?

    Be well, K

  2. I'm not sure what the blogger protocol is either; I'm used to livejournal where people commented like crazy... but I love getting comments, so thanks for posting! I will try and post a vid of the Frog and the Grasshopper performance; I'm not sure if we're going to do another one any time soon though.