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Drew these after seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. High fashion sure does an interesting job combining costuming, which I love, and regular fashion, which I have problems with.

In other news, Drew received the Lynd Ward Honor for Set to Sea! Here is the great lecture he gave at Penn State talking about comics. We had a lovely time there, thank you everyone!

The second edition of Set to Sea will be out soon, it is even nicer than the first edition in subtle ways, and it has yellow endpapers. Drew has also finished lettering the French edition of Set to Sea. It's an exciting time.

Also: another illo for the NYT! This one is sciency/surreal.


  1. That first sketch reminded me of this story I just listened to:

    I've always liked "giant woman" stories. Probably why I liked Beast mother so much!

  2. Just found your site from Reddit's "WTF" subreddit ( The beautiful storytelling and intriguing illustrations here lead me to believe that whoever posted this meant WTF to mean "Why the fuck haven't I seen this yet?" Thank you for making buried treasure to find.

  3. Thanks 669a6adc! I'm really glad you like my work, and that reddit thread blew my mind. I feel really honored that people were making such sophisticated interpretations of my story, and kind of sheepish that actually none of that stuff was intentional (!).