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GR2 is having a benefit show tomorrow (Saturday!) and I have some little pieces in it. The theme of the show is robots. This was difficult for me: there are a lot of things I'm not good at drawing (folds, muscles, dogs) but drawing robots I'm actually kind of phobic about. I thought this might be a chance to work through my phobia by proving to myself that I really can draw robots.

But guess what! I actually really, really can't.

Finally, I gave up and drew people with tubes and wires sort of coming out of their necks. Whew! Crises averted!

You should check out the show if you can; I sure do like GR2.


  1. Oh my goodness, Amazing work! I hope someone doesn't buy all of them and you put them online afterwards! I want one!

  2. Thanks Benjamin! I donated the work to GR so I won't get it back, but they usually put artwork from shows online as well, so you could keep an eye on the GR2 site for it!

  3. Wee! I have one of your post its in a frame on my wall so it would be great to start a collection for when you're super famous!

  4. dude, can totally draw robots.