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  1. aw. i love i'm not happy girl. i am i'm not happy girl.

  2. wow, i found this sketch group really heavy. they hit home because it's similar to what's going on in my s ketcbook right now. i love finding resonance like that<3

  3. Each time I come here , each time I'm satisfied !
    If only you were in Europe , I could meet you ...
    Your work is so cool !
    One day maybe , I will meet you ; why not ?
    And I could show you my sketchbooks...and maybe we'll talk a lot about useless things ...
    Anyway ..don't stop to show us your drawings..
    The first wash drawings ( grey characters ) are greats...Gipi work in his comics with this technique and his characters are in the same spirit ...Notes pour une histoire de guerre ( his book) ...