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    1. Rather than that, I think the positive effect comes from the frank portrayal of things usually kept very private -- things like pooping and "playing solitaire" as much as nakedness -- mixed in equally with everything else. That's what makes the book I just bought romantic and "something to do with being in love and not being in love."

      Of course, the disclosure of "just draw tits and things" also has a similar sort of frankness. Anyway, it all "refutes isolation."

    2. Thank you, Kerry. That thoughtful analysis of my stuff makes me feel pretty good. This little sketch was sort of self-scolding warm-up to working on the 31 Drawings That... mini; sometimes I fret that the amount of nudity in my work could become a crutch.

      I'm glad you think it refutes isolation. Sometimes I feel like that's all that art is good for, really.

    3. Self-scolding! That info puts a nice twist on what we're seeing!

      Maybe being hyper-self-critical is necessary to what you do but I must say to my eye your work is far from crutches! Fit as a fiddle and twice as tuneful.

  2. I love the lines and shapes and elegant boldness of your stuff. Really inspirational.