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Drew and I just got back from France, where Drew's French publisher, Çá et Lá, was promoting Set to Sea in Angoulême and Paris. I did a lot of sketching: with Drew getting treated like a rock star I knew I had to step up my game.

An important note is that I know absolutely no French. But I felt some small pleasure at writing things in my sketchbook in French that I'd looked up in google translate.


  1. hi ! i just came by chance on your blog and i really like it!
    i specially love the way you draw the bodies, it's at the same time really simple and so alive

    well, actually, i can't developp anymore because of my poor english level (i'm french -parisian to be precise hehe), but there is so much i want to say that i just have to keep it in my head until my english abilities can follow.

    anyway: je suis très contente d'avoir découvert ce blog, oui!

  2. Hy Eleanor,
    I just came to give an answer of one of your questions:
    "What will they do with their puppies when they turn into dogs ?"
    The answer is, they will keep them.
    The fact is, in France you can be arrested for many purpose, but police men can not arrest you if doing so they let an animal alone.
    So most homeless people have dogs for not being arrested.

    By the way, I really do like your style :)

    1. Wow! Thank you for telling me that! I guess in the US I've mainly seen homeless people w/ big dogs - part of me thought maybe in Paris they only had those little puppies to help w/ panhandling, to seem more sympathetic. That's really interesting that their protected from arrest by their animals.

      Also, later a friend in France told us there might have been a greater percentage of homeless with animals when we were there because it was really, really dangerously cold and a lot of people had gone to the shelters. But animals aren't allowed in the shelters and many people refuse to go without their pets.

      That made me feel pretty bad that I had suspected they only had the puppies for panhandling.

      I'm glad you like my style! thanks for commenting.

  3. so beautiful! i love the one of the homeless folks, even though it's so sad... animals can offer you unconditional love when the rest of the world is a big ole jerk.

  4. mmm! I love your work so much! (I've been digging through everything wanting more more more!)