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Here are some pages from a short comic I thumbnailed out a few years ago, and just recently realized I would never finish. I was an exchange student in Japan in highschool, and I was on the school's kayak team - this story is from the point of view of one of my male teammates, and it's a male exchange student instead of me. It was a fun idea - partially because I was close with my girl teammates, whereas my male teammates were complete enigmas - but without a good enough story behind it. I still like the pictures of rowing. I can still remember the weight of the water on my paddle.


  1. Hello!

    Any chance of seeing this a little bigger? I can't read it as is!

  2. Augh! I'm sorry, Kerry, I don't have the larger file anymore... but the text really isn't very important...

  3. I think I can read all the text, I was just hoping to see the characterization -- very often I think thumbnails have the most life --

    But text is disappearing all over your blog: you lost your "we"!

    Looking forward to your next.