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Practicing watercolor. I've been practicing watercolor for five years now; I hope I eventually figure out what I'm doing.


  1. Oh, I just wrote a whole comment and it vanished! Crap!

    Well, I'll salvage when I can and repeat what I remember: first there was a funny list:

    PVI? Positive Volume Index, Private, Voluntary and Independent, Pulmonary Vein Isolation, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Prairie View Industries, Partisan Voting Index, Pilot-Vehicle Interface, Paul VI High School, Protected Vehicles, Inc, Point of Vertical Intersection, Princeton Video Image, Penile Vaginal Intercourse, Postage Validation Imprinter, Pairwise Variability Index, Present Value Index, Peso Vivo Inicial, PetroVietnam Insurance, Photovoltaic Isolator, Pre-Vulcanization Inhibitor, Peripheral Vascular Intervention, Personal Vocal Instruction, Pleasant Valley Intermediate School, Polyvinyl Isobutyl Ether, Private Vocal Instruction, Product Verification Inspection, Pragmatic Vision, Inc., Personal Value Inventory, Platform Vendor Independent, Publicly Visible Identifier, Platinum Vapour Injector/Injection, Public Vomiting Incident, Peripheral Venous Insufficiency, Profound Visual Impairment, Provinciaal Veiligheid Instituut?

    Which now that I think of it, maybe looks like spam.

    I followed this with a compliment: I think you already know your way around watercolor. I've never seen anyone use them quite the way you do and the effects you get are your own and quite lovely. In this medium as many others, you have a completeness and a grace of understatement that is really satisfying. The last image is a perfect example of this.

    Then I made a request: please offer a book in your store that compliles images like these. Your images of sexuality, domestic intimacy, your nature studies, plants, parasites, genitalia as flowers are always so enjoyable and interesting. You have a frankness of curiosity that offers real discoveries to your visitors.

    Here, the integration of the cross-section images above with the couple in bed, one sleeping, one reading is just really, really beautiful. These, as well as so many of your other drawings on these themes, are some of the most recognizable images of what its like to be in a body that I have ever seen.

    Please consider offering a book. I think it would be a real contribution. And you have one customer at least, maybe I will buy them as gifts!

  2. I second the above commenter! Also, those birch trees are really beautiful.

  3. Don't worry , you master it ...
    still same size ??
    thanks to respond me ,
    I fall in love with your work .

  4. This is the most beautiful and creative use of watercolor I have ever seen!

  5. Hey Eleanor, your watercolors are top notch. I wish I could take a Ms. Davis Watercolor Workshop of some kind.

    Do you know about this great Belgian artist yet
    I think you will like his work enormously.

  6. Thanks everybody!
    Kerry, thanks for the interest in an art book! I'll keep an eye out for an opportunity like that.
    Gilles, these might be a little larger than the original size - the top one was about 6X6?
    Ryan - yes, I was just introduced to Brecht Evens' work by Gilles! These watercolors are actually the result of how inspired I was by his style. They might be a little copy-catty right now, I need to internalize some of the stuff I feel like I've learned from him.

  7. whatever you're doing, you're doing it very, very, very well. i love these!

  8. Hey, did you see you are given credit as someone's inspiration?

  9. I mean: this is all so good, Eleanor...


  11. coming back to this again & again, so nice x