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Check out this mural my pal David Mack and I did at Honey's Salon. The two of us have done some murals together before but this time it was an actual job (we are getting paid in Haircuts For Life.)

We had such a good time doing this that David and I are starting a Mural Painting Business. You should probably hire us to paint you a mural. Email me.

Thanks to Jo for asking us, and blithely letting us do whatever we wanted. She is pretty much the greatest.


  1. i love it. I love the sunday afternoon wind-down wimsy feel of it, and a touch of birdy madness.

    What a lovely idea.

  2. Wonderful! So inspiring and liberal!

    What media did you use? Acrylics? Gouache?

  3. I'm glad you guys like it! We used just ordinary house paint - probably not the best choice, because each color took several coats! But we're still learning.

  4. whoa...I would pay to get a haircut, just so i could see that in person. amazing.

  5. max - Honey's salon also hosted John Porcellino's slideshow when he came to town last spring - they are rad!

  6. Ahh, that looks great. What a fun job! The bird on stilts is the best part.

  7. thanks miriam! it was mad fun. collabs are the best.

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