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I've been doing more sketching on the computer, lately, with various results. I'm sure not getting any prizes with this batch but they were fun enough to do.


  1. Is important to be an artist ?
    Could you live without create ?
    without making drawings ??
    Can't you draw just for you and do a job just for cash ???
    I ask you about because I will like to be an artist living from his art but has some much ways you take and sometimes you waste time to do what you can ...
    I know making drawings don't drive me in negative humor but sometimes I feel it's not enough ...'would like life be artdaily and artdaily be life ...
    I don't know if you understand ( my english is ...????)
    your work is a model for my personnal work ...
    keep your line ...

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I struggle a lot with my own reasons for being an artist, but in the end it makes me happy so I muddle along. I don't think it's a good idea to try and rely on your art to make a living. Make art for it's own sake first; if it makes you money that's great, if it doesn't don't force it.

    Good luck with your art and everything else!